Ninja® Blast™ - BC151

Model: BC151SMBK

Ninja® Blast™ - BC151

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Fresh taste at home or on-the-go. Whenever, wherever, whatever*.

The Ninja® Blast™ Compact Blender boasts a stainless steel BlastBlade Assembly for high-performance blasting through ice and frozen ingredients.

At just 9cm wide, Ninja® Blast™ will fit in any space or can be taken with you on-the-go.

The Ninja® Blast™ is cordless and rechargeable with 10 blends on 1 charge.

* Excludes some ingredients such as large fruit seeds. There are usage conditions such as the temperature and size of the object. There is no mill function. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

Color: Black

Denim Blue
Denim Blue
Lithium ION with USB-C Charge
Dimensions (cm)
27.2 X 8.9 X 8.9cm
1 year
1 Year Warranty
Dishwasher Safe Components
BPA Free
Rechargeable Base



Run don't walk to buy this portable blender. Straight out of the box, hands down, this is the BEST portable blender that I have ever purchased.


Compact & Convenient

Super convenient for when I'm on the go between jobs and training. Powerful for a compact blender.

Lion, Harvey Norman, AU

Love it!!!!

I cannot tell you enough how great the Ninja Blast blender is. This is a must have!!!There are so many things I love about this blender.

Antvik, US

Ninja® Performance For Smooth Blends, Anytime, Anywhere.

Powerful, High-Performance Blades.

The Ninja® BlastBlade™ Assembly blasts through ice and frozen ingredients with the 6 stainless steel blades ensuring a silky-smooth blend.

Ridges Disrupt The Blend Flow
To Reach Every Ingredient.

Ridges on the inside of the Ninja® Blast™ blending cup create a disrupted vortex to ensure all the ingredients are pulled to the blades.

Powerful Blending.
Starts Strong, Stays Strong.

The rechargeable battery offers up to ten 30-second blends on a single charge with no compromise in power.

Ninja's Most Compact Blender. 470ml Single-Serve Capacity.

At just 9cm wide this is a truly compact blender which will fit in any space.

Extra Safe with Separate
Power Buttons.

With separate power and blend buttons, there’s no unintentional blending. Pulse and blend with one touch.

Easy to Clean. BPA-Free.
Dishwasher Safe.

Easy to clean as the parts are separated and dishwasher safe* The blender can also self-clean with a 30-second blend cycle with water and a drop of dish soap.

*The main body cannot be washed with water.

For Fresh Smoothies and Shakes On-The-Go

Ninja® Blast™ is designed for use on-the-go with a cordless, hand-held design.

With A Leak-Proof Sip Lid

Easy-open sip spout lets you blend and drink in the same cup.

Easy to Carry

Comfortable carry handle for on-the-go. Cup & blade covers for safe storage.

Ninja® Blast™ makes making your favourite recipes easier. From dressings to pasta sauces, and dips.

Blast protein shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks.

Make everything from healthy smoothies, protein shakes and power breakfasts to frozen slushies, crushed-ice drinks, frappes and iced lattes.

Available in a Range Of 3 Stylish Colours.

Choose a colour that best fits your style.


Denim Blue

Cranberry Red

What's in the Box

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Ninja Blast FAQ

How do I turn the unit on?

Press and hold the Power button until the blending LEDs illuminate. The power icon remains on when the unit has power.

How do I activate blend mode?

To activate the 30-second blend mode, press the Start/Stop button. To cancel the 30-second blend mode at any time, press the Start/Stop button again.

How do I charge the Ninja® Blast™?

Your blender’s motor base is rechargeable and comes with a USB-C charging cord. Charge your blender through the charging port (located on the back of the blender motor base). Easy to charge at home or on the go, just like a mobile phone.

NOTE: The USB-C charging cord can be plugged into a charging block or USB wall outlet.

Is the blending vessel microwave safe and freezer safe?

No, the vessel is not microwave safe or freezer safe. Do not store blending vessel or motor base in the refrigerator.

How many blending cycles are in a full charge?

The unit can deliver up to 15 blending cycles before needing a recharge.

How long does it take to fully charge?

The unit fully charges in approximately 2 hours.

Can I replace the battery?

No, the battery is not removable and cannot be replaced. Call Customer Service if you suspect there is an issue with your unit’s battery.

Are the blades attached to the motor base or to the vessel?

The Blast Blade™ Assembly is attached to the motor base. When the vessel is removed from the motor base, the blades are exposed. Handle the motor base and exposed blades with care while cleaning and always store the motor base with the vessel attached.

Why are the ingredients not mixing properly?

Ensure the order of ingredients are as follows:

1. Pour in liquid to MIN LIQUID (6 oz.) line.

2. Add fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Next add leafy greens and herbs.

4. Next add any dry or sticky ingredients like seeds, powders, and nut butter.

5. Top off with ice or frozen ingredients.


If the ingredients are still not mixing properly, there are a few ways to get back to blending.

1. Check if more liquid is needed. The liquid should be at or above the MIN LIQUID line, covering the blades.

2. Shake the blender while it’s blending to move ingredients around.

3. Turn the blender upside down, press the Start/Stop button to start the blades, then return the blender to an upright position to continue blending

4. Manually adjust vessel contents using a long utensil. Make sure the unit is OFF when doing this to avoid unintended blade activation.

How long is the blending cycle?

The blending cycle is 30 seconds. It can be canceled at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button again.

Can I blend while the unit is charging?

Yes, you can blend while the unit is plugged in. However, the unit will not charge during a blend cycle. Charging will resume when blending is complete.

Can I blend with nothing in the vessel?

Blending without any ingredients in the vessel is NOT recommended as it can damage the motor.

What is the minimum amount of liquid I can put in the blender?

The recommended minimum amount of liquid to put into the blender is marked by the MIN LIQUID line on your vessel.

How do I do a multi-step blend?

Blend softer ingredients first to move the load down into the vessel, then add and blend additional ingredients, like frozen fruit or ice.

Can the Ninja Blast crush ice and frozen fruit?

You must add liquid first if you want to blend frozen ingredients or ice.

Can I use hot liquids in the Ninja® Blast™?

No, do not blend hot or carbonated liquids in the blender. It may cause damage to the unit and/or pressure buildup that could cause bodily harm. 

Why I am unable to blend?

Ensure the unit is powered ON using the Power Button. When the blender is on, the LED lights will illuminate on the front.

If it’s ON but displaying any of the following LED colours and patterns, follow the instructions to solve the error.

Flashing WHITE: The vessel and base are not aligned. Ensure the vessel and motor base are assembled correctly. The arrows on the back of the motor base and vessel should be aligned. LEDs will turn PURPLE when the unit is ready to blend.

Solid RED: The unit needs charging. Plug the unit in using the provided USB-C cord and a 5V 3A power supply. A full charge may take up to 2 hours.

Flashing ORANGE LEDs: Blades are blocked.


You can try any of the following suggestions until the blockage is removed:

  • Add more liquid, up to or above the MIN LIQUID (6 oz.) line.
  • Shake the unit while it’s blending.
  • Turn the blender upside down, press the Start/Stop button to   start the blades, then return the blender to an upright position to continue blending
  • Turn the unit off, dislodge any stuck ingredients using a long utensil, then restart the blending cycle after turning it back on.

Clockwise-moving ORANGE LEDs: The motor base needs to cool down. Let the unit sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before using it again.

Flashing RED LEDs in the bottom-left and top-right corners: Call Customer Service.

What can I make in this portable blender?

You can blend super smooth frozen fruit smoothies, shakes, and protein drinks, as well as dips, salsas, and dressings.

Can I use the blender without the motor base?

The blender is intended to be taken on the go and used with the motor base attached. The sip lid is designed for easy sipping, wherever you go.

Are there ingredients I cannot use in my Ninja Blast?

DO NOT blend hot liquids or carbonated liquids, as doing so may cause pressure buildup, resulting in risk of burns or other injuries to the you. The blender is not intended to be used for dry blending without liquid.

How do I clean the unit?

There are a few simple ways to clean your blender.

One option is to rinse the vessel out with water to remove excess contents. Fill the vessel to the MIN LIQUID line with water and add a small drop of dish soap. Secure the lid back on and press the Start/Stop button for easy cleaning.

For a deeper clean, both the vessel and the sip lid are top-rack dishwasher safe. These dishwasher-safe parts should not be cleaned with a heated cycle.

The motor base can then be cleaned by running the blades under water and using a dishwashing utensil with a handle to scrub the blades. The motor base is NOT dishwasher safe. However, the USB-C charging port on the back of the motor base is water resistant, which means it can get wet but CANNOT be submerged in water. After cleaning, make sure the charging port is dried before charging.

What if I get the USB-C charging port wet?

The USB-C charging port on the back of the motor base is water resistant, which means it can get wet but should not be submerged in water. If the USB-C charging port does get wet while cleaning, ensure the charging port is fully dried before inserting the provided charging cord to charge you blender.

Are all parts dishwasher safe?

All parts except the motor base are top-rack dishwasher safe. DO NOT run dishwasher on a heated cycle.

How do I store the unit?

Ensure the unit is fully dry and assembled prior to storing. Store the unit on your countertop or in your cabinets.

My blender stops before the 30 second blend cycle has finished.

If your smoothie or output is too thick- add more liquid. The liquid should be filled at or above the MIN LIQUID line If you are blending more frozen ingredients than fresh, more liquid may be needed.

Why is my blender not charging?

If you recently cleaned the unit, some water may have gotten in the USB-C charging port. The charging port is water-resistant but should be left to dry for 30 minutes before plugging in. DO NOT submerge the motor base in any liquid, as this will damage it.

Ensure you are using the correct charging cable (USB-C) and that the power supply is plugged into a functional outlet.

Can I fly with the Ninja® Blast™?

You can fly with the cordless blender, but it must be placed in a checked bag. Make sure it is powered off.

Why won’t the sip lid cover stay in place when I’m drinking from the vessel?

The cover is designed to extend back and lock itself in place when you are drinking. When the sip lid cover is open, push it back and down until it clicks into place. This ensures the cover will not move when you are drinking out of the sip lid or pouring blended contents into a separate cup.

Does the blender fit in a cup holder?

The cover is designed to extend back and lock itself in place when you are drinking. When the sip lid cover is open, push it back and down until it clicks into place. This ensures the cover will not move when you are drinking out of the sip lid or pouring blended contents into a separate cup.