Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum

Model: IW3241SM
From $799.00

Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum

From $799.00
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The Shark CleanSense IQ and IQ+ Cordless Vacuums have 4 smart deep cleaning technologies that detect & react to messes in your home. It automatically boosts power on hidden dirt, double suction on edges and corners, optimises cleaning based on surface type and illuminates hidden debris in low-light areas—all combining to provide an effective dirt pickup. After every clean, the Auto-Empty System charges and empties your vacuum automatically*.
(*applicable to IQ+ model only)

Model: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Vacuum - IW3241SM

Shark CleanSense IQ Cordless Vacuum - IW2241SM
Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Vacuum - IW3241SM
IQ: White Aluminium
IQ+: Light Titanium
What's Included
Handheld Vacuum
Motorised Floorhead
Multi-Flex Wand
Duster Crevice Tool
Motorized Hand Tool
Wide Upholstery Tool
Pet-Multi Tool
Li-Ion Battery
Auto-Empty Dock with Accessory Storage (for IQ+ model)
Charging Dock (for IQ model)
Baby Dock for Accessories
260 W
Product Weight (kg)
Dust Cup Capacity
0.42 Litre
Dock Weight(kg)
IQ+: 3.8kg
IQ: 1.7kg
Run Time
32 minutes when using handstick vac on Eco mode
42 minutes when using handheld vac on Eco mode
2 Years Warranty
Detect Technologies
Perfect for Pet Hair

Shark CleanSense IQ | IQ+ Cordless Vacuum

Deep Cleaning Made Smarter.

Shark's all-new cordless vacuum handstick.

Engineered with Shark's latest SMART IQ PRO technology.

Revolutionise your home cleaning experience with Shark's latest SMART IQ PRO technology. Powered by 4 smart sensors that are designed to detect and react to every mess in your home, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment.

Dirt Detect*.

Detects hidden dirt and automatically boosts suction power for better pick up.

*Smart IQ PRO features are activated only when using handstick vacuum in IQ mode.

Floor Detect*.

Detects floor type and automatically optimises suction for more effective dirt pick up.

*Smart IQ PRO features are activated only when using handstick vacuum in IQ mode.

Edge Detect*.

Detect edges and corners and automatically double suction power by up to 2.5 times.

*Smart IQ PRO features are activated only when using handstick vacuum in IQ mode.

Light Detect*.

Automatically illuminates hidden debris in dark spaces for easier cleaning.

*Smart IQ PRO features are activated only when using handstick vacuum in IQ mode.

Always charged. Always ready.

Automatically charges when docked, so it's always ready for the next clean.

1000X less dust exposure vs manual emptying*.

Fine dust and debris get sealed away after every clean, keeping them out of the air you breathe - no more dust clouds.

*Based on third-party plume testing white emptying vs manual empty

Holds up to 30 days worth of dust & debris*.

Automatically empties into the bagless base, capturing and trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens** with True HEPA filtration***.

*The capacity equivalent to 30 days will vary depending on the situation, cleaning frequency and size of the room.
**Based on IEC standard 62885-2 CI 5.14 for particles of 0.3-10 microns.
***HEPA filtration is only applicable to the auto empty dock.

Ultra-lightweight. Yet Powerful.

Designed using premium carbon fiber material to achieve an ultra-lightweight of only 2.2kg - ideal for effortless cleaning.

Powerful suction.

Powered with Shark's Next Gen TurboDrive motor to provide accelerated suction for an incredible cleaning performance.

One brushroll. All surfaces. All debris.

HYBRIDCLEAN multi-surface brushroll combines two brushroll technologies into one. Never swap floorheads again.

Anti-hair wrap brushroll.

Actively separates and removes hair from the brushroll as you clean, helping to keep your brushroll hair and tangle-free*.
Perfect for picking up long, short and pet hair.

Multi-Flex Wand.

Provides flexible reach under low furniture. This flexible wand bends so you don't have to, easily cleaning under low-lying furniture including beds, sofas and coffee tables.

Intuitive user interface.

Features LED rings that illuminate when sensors detect high amounts of debris and change colours as the area is cleaned.
It also displays real-time battery levels and mode selection.

Cleaner air with true HEPA filtration*.

HEPA filter captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens** inside the Auto Empty Dock, keeping your home clean and hygienic.

*HEPA filtration is only applicable to the auto empty dock.
**Based on IEC standard 62885-2 CI 5.14 for particles of 0.3-10 microns.

Up to 42 minutes run time*.

Removable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 42 minutes of run time*.

*Measured when using handheld vacuum in Eco mode.

One machine, multiple uses.

Includes multiple accessories for your various cleaning needs at home.

Duster Crevice Tool

Motorized Hand Tool

Pet Multi Tool

Wide Upholstery Tool

Easy maintenance.

Brushroll, dust cup and filter can be removed and washed with water, so you can always keep your cordless vacuum clean.

No dust bag required.

Simply remove the bagless dust bin, empty it and wash off with water.
It's so easy.

What's in the box.

We're so confident in the quality of our vacuum cleaners,
we offer an incredible 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

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What Our Customers Say

Great vacuum for homes with kids & pets

Overall this is a good vacuum to consider getting especially if you have pets and kids at home! The price point wise is cheaper than buying a Dyson for sure and cleans just as efficiently and effectively.

Cheryl.S - Verified Reviewer, SG

Strong and Easy to use

The suction is strong and it can sense the surrounding debris and adjust the suction accordingly. It is light weight, only 2.2kg. Even my 6 years old boy can use it.

Nishelle - Verified Reviewer, SG

Best Vacuum Ever!

All in all, the vacuum is an amazing product. I would not hesitate to recommend this vacuum to anyone, especially pet owners with shedding pets or if there are long-haired humans in the house.

Ivan L - Verified Reviewer, SG

This is the best vacuum ever!

The auto empty feature is my favourite! In addition, no more pulling out those hair strands stuck on the brush roller, which is always a challenge.

Christy - Verified Reviewer, SG

One of the best vacuum i use so far

So far battery cud last for 5 room flat on a single charge with carpets on auto mode. For the price is not bad. Cud say on par with dyson. I do own a dyson v8 v10 before. All in all a happy purchase.

Andy - Verified Buyer, SG

A Game-Changer in Cleaning Efficiency

It exceeded my expectations. Its thoughtful design, smart features, and efficient cleaning capabilities make it a standout choice. This is a Shark, and its uniqueness sets it apart from Dyson.

Sin Y - Verified Reviewer, SG

A truly intelligence vacuum

When using on different flooring, tile and mat, you can hear the suction sound is Read more about review stating A truly intelligence vacuum different without having to change any settings. the sound is reasonably low too.

Yeo H - Verified Reviewer, SG

Powerful and lightweight

The suction is powerful, the head is easy to turn and it is lightweight.The flexible wand is a definite plus as it makes it easy to vacuum the areas under beds/ sofas.

BeverlyL - Verified Reviewer, SG

Great Vacuum for pet owner

I love how easy and hassle free to use this vacuum, it really is a life changer especially if you have a pet.

VT - Verified Reviewer, SG

Best vacuum I had

The shark Vacuum cleaner is the best one I have ever tried so far. I have used Dyson and dolphin before and I think shark trimphs all of those.

June o. - Verified Reviewer, SG