Ninja with Fresh Vac - BL580V

Model: BL580VSM
Ninja Kitchen Singapore Ninja with Fresh Vac - BL580V

Ninja with Fresh Vac - BL580V

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Nutri Ninja® with FreshVac™ Technology removes oxygen and locks in vitamins, giving you ultra-rich and tasty drinks that stay fresh overnight. Auto-iQ® takes the guesswork out of drink making by delivering fresh beverages at the touch of a button.

With a powerful 1000-watt motor, tough ingredients like frozen fruits, ice, nuts, stems and seeds can be blended to create your delicious drink.

Dark Grey
Product Weight
Cord Length (Metre)
Vacuum Nutrient Extraction/Blending
Product Dimensions (cm)
41.5 x 16.5 x 17 cm
Smart System
Auto iQ
1 Year Warranty
Dishwasher Safe Components
BPA Free
Non-slip Feet

The next generation of nutrient extraction

FreshVac Technology is designed to extract and preserve nutrients

* Disclaimer: By blending whole fruits and vegetables including bits that are normally discarded.

Safety Requirements

All validations have been made that it is safe to use in Australia

✓Safety Marks acquired through safety-related experiment

✓Plugs and Voltages made to Australian standards

What makes Ninja FreshVac special?

Helps you make smooth, tastier juice
that stays fresh for hours

FreshVac Technology

Nutrient Extraction

Enhanced Textures & Flavors

Auto-iQ Program

FreshVac™ Technology

Patented Ninja Pro Extractor Blades

1000 Watts professional motor power

Auto-iQ Program

Single Serve FreshVac Cups

Easy to clean

Rich flavours and vibrant colors

Extract and preserve nutrients from whole fruits and vegetables

*Preserve vitamins, flavours, and colours by removing oxygen before blending


Pump oxygen out, Lock vitamins in

Oxygen depletes the quality of your blended drinks. With FreshVac Technology, oxygen is removed before blending,
so the quality of your drink is retained even after many hours after blending.

The Surprising Effect of Vacuum Blending through Self-Experiment



"It is definitely smoother and more flavourful when I drink." - Alice

"The colour changes at a different rate. I feel that oxidation slows down." - Chloe

How to use FreshVac


Fill the cup with your recipe’s ingredients and set the FreshVac Pump on top.


Push the button on the pump to remove oxygen and seal your vessel.


Remove the pump, secure your vessel to the base, and blend away.

Enhanced textures and flavours

Our FreshVac blending process brings out vibrant colours, ultra-rich taste, and smooth texture.

Single-serve FreshVac Cups with Spout Lids

Includes 24 oz. Single-Serve FreshVac Cups with Spout Lids for on-the-go convenience

Helps you make healthier juices All parts are BPA free

A healthier lifestyle begins with Nutri Ninja

Auto-iQ Program

Auto-iQ Technology takes the guesswork out of making your favourite drinks and blends.

The 2 programs combine unique timed pulsing, extracting, and pausing patterns for perfect results,
all at the touch of a button.

Operate a variety of features at once with Auto-IQ



For tough ingredients like ice and fruits


At medium speed and stops immediately when you release the button


For soft ingredients like fruits and vegetables

In the box

1000W Motor

2 x 700ml Single Serve Cups

Pro Extractor Blade

Cordless Vacuum Pump

2 x Spout Lids

6 x AA batteries